Tierra Madre Ecolodge

A deforested cattle farm was turned it back into a lush rainforest buoyant with wildlife by reforesting more than 30 hectares. Birds, monkeys, sloth and even big felines are back in the forests and their population increase every year.

The place itself is without the modern distractions of tv or unnecessary electronics, to avoid distractions and serve you peace and calmness.

The food is largely produced in the lodge’s own permaculture gardens – and and water is sourced from a local spring.

Bungalows and restaurants are equipped with solar power and water free, compostable toilets. All seeking to stay within the limits of the local ecosystem.

Activities include bird watching, waterfall hike, snorkeling day trips, local cooking workshop and educational tours on permaculture and soil regeneration.

The lodge also supports a local NGO working with sea turtle conservation.