We started building this community to have a pace to inspire and be inspired.

Being a responsible traveller can be done in many ways;

From submerging yourself into a place or a culture as a volunteer, to choosing hotel with a sustainability certificate. Almost all travellers or tourists come to their destination with a positive attitude hoping to be enriched new input and experiences. Often forgotten is the impact that tourism can have on a place, especially vulnerable nature can be affected by ignorant tourists and dodgy tour-operators. While at the same time, there are both responsible travellers, eco-camps and ethical tourist bureaus dedicated to keeping the destination intact. This site intends to bring together responsible travellers and as sustainable operators, to share and widen the knowledge and experience with sustainable travel. Because we feel that responsible tourism can have a real and positive effect on local communities, as well as important natural habitats, we belive creating a platform for sharing the good stories and great adventures that come from travelling responsibly.