We often travel as a family, not only mum, dad and kids but also the grannies are happy to join our adventures. We are all equally engaged in keeping the beaches and oceans clean – and therefore we sometimes we organise a beach-clean as a family activity.

Either by bringing a bag for picking litter when we walk along the beach – or when we snorkel (we are a happy bunch of snorkelers too – read more here) we pick up plastic from the ocean, when we meet it.

To be able to estimate the total amount of litter, we have made a protocol for the clean. That means we measure out the area we clean and then later we can extrapolate roughly how much plastic could be picked up if the entire beach was cleaned.

Beach clean on Borneo 2017. the sections are measured with a 5m piece of string.


As a biologist I started my career as a safari tour guide in Tanzania and Kenya. Later I worked for the UN a couple of times, and and lately for a sustainability NGO. I love to travel both professionally and with my family.

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