Simply put, responsible travel is about minimizing your negative impact and maximizing your positive impact when you travel. It is also about a deeper and fuller experience of the places you go and connecting with people from other cultures.

Here are some simple guiding principles to go by.

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1 Choose responsibly

1.1 Favour accommodation that has a commitment to sustainability and the environment

1.2 Choose for tour organisers and excursions that respect the local environment, culture, and wildlife

1.3 Look for acclaimed sustainability certification schemes when choosing

1.4 Look for trained local guides with knowledge of the area

2 Be a good guest

2.1 Educate yourself a bit in advance, know where you are going

2.2 Learn at least a few words in the local language

2.3 Be environmentally, socially, and culturally aware

2.4 Respect the environment; animals and wildlife

2.5 Be polite, respectful, and interested

2.6 Follow instructions given by your guide or host

2.7 Applaud sustainability efforts you observe


3 Lower your impact

3.1 Prefer going in smaller groups

3.2 Use local transport when it makes sense 

3.3 Dispose of your waste safely. Sort your rubbish. 

3.5 Avoid pollutants, plastic, and chemicals

3.4 Be aware of hygiene and respect rules related hereto

3.4 Think about your use of local resources (eg. energy or water)

3.5 Seek to leave the place a little cleaner than you found it

3.6 Consider alternatives to over touristic areas

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