How to swim responsibly with dugongs

Dugong -

The dugong is a type marine mammal it is in fact a relative to the elephant and only two species of this animal exist: The manatee and the dugong.

Not many places offer the opportunity to see this friendly and graceful creature in its natural environment.

However in the bay of Abu Dabbab in Marsa Alarm in Egypt, it is sometimes possible. Occasionally, swimmers and snorkelers can meet the endangered animal in the waters of the bay.

The herbivorous dugong comes in to the area to feed on the sea grass at the bottom of the bay.

You can enjoy the sight in a responsible way, as you follow a few simple rules:

  1. The animal has the right-of-way
  2. Keep a distance and do not try to touch or intrude the animals space with selfie sticks or the likes
  3. Be calm and quiet. Wild animals have very fine senses and we people are very noisy to them

Respecting the animal gives the most profound experience anyway.

Unfortunately many of the visitors do not respect the animal’s right-of-way and when the dugong is in the bay it is being followed by a crowd of noisy swimmers that will but cameras and selfie-stick right up its nose. Some even try to touch the animal – and as exiting as it may seem to touch a wild animal – it is strictly

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