Travel hack – Use your own headphones on planes

You probably own a perfectly good set of earphones that you use regularly.

You have likely also tried to use the headphones that airline companies hand out during flights.

Let’s just say they’re not top notch (can speak for business- or firs class). Other airlines let you buy an adapter thing for 5 bucks or so.

But why not save both money and resources and simply use your own earphones or headset – no adapter needed!

For the last 5 years or so, that has been one of my favorite travel hacks!

Here’s how:

  • Take your regular mini-jack headset plug and put it in to one of the two holes for the headset. I use the top one.
  • Then dont put the jack all the way in – only one or two clicks in you will get a nice stereo sound. You may have to wiggle it in and out a bit before you find that sweet stereo sound spot.
  • If you press the jack plug it all the way in, you get only mono sound or nothing at all. Be patient – it works!